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How To Choose A Cricket Bat For Tennis Ball?

Tennis ball and tape ball crickets are the most popular cricket formats for the beginners and amateur players. As the format of the game is different, the equipment and accessories needed for tennis ball cricket is different. Bat is the most important piece of equipment that needs to be chosen meticulously. In this article, I’ll discuss how you can choose the right bat for tennis and tape ball cricket.

Consider bat weight of the bat

A tennis ball cricket bat is lighter than a regular bat. The weight of this special kind of bat can vary between 1 to 2 lbs. Although most of the batters will prefer a lighter bat it will not be a great option for power hitting. Choosing the right weight of the bat is a personal preference. The bottom line is – you do not need a sturdy and heavy cricket bat for a tennis ball that you need for a regular cricket ball. 

Look for the right willow

Although English willow is the most popular choice for regular cricket, Kashmir willow is the suitable option for tape ball or tennis ball cricket. Kashmir willow is cheaper wood for cricket bat manufacturing. They are denser than many other woods that are used for cricket bats. Due to their affordability, they are popular for recreational cricket. Although cheaper, cricket bats made out of Kashmir willow are durable and long lasting. 


Blade refers to the main body of a bat. Players who like cut shots may choose a thicker blade. Conversely, players who prefer playing straight drives and pulls may opt for a thinner blade to ensure a better balance and control over the bat. Therefore, there’s no single right preference of cricket bat in terms of the blade size and thickness. Choose the right one as per your playing style. 

Check the bat handle grip

The grip of a bat handle can be either rubber or cork, and each has its own advantages. It is important for both cricket ball and tennis ball cricket. Rubber grips tend to provide a better hold on the bat, while cork grips can be more comfortable.

 A grip that is too thick can cause strain on the hands and decrease control, while a grip that is too thin can cause the bat to slip out of the hands. Consider these while choosing your bat for tennis ball cricket. 

Check for good balance

The balance of a cricket bat refers to the distribution of weight between the handle and the blade. A good balance will ensure that the weight of the bat is evenly distributed, making it easier to pick up and maneuver. 

To check for good balance, hold the bat with your dominant hand and see how it feels in your hand. A bat that is too heavy at the blade or too light at the handle can affect your performance negatively.

Consider the sweet spot

Consider the sweet spot of the bat while choosing the right cricket bat for playing with a tennis ball. The sweet spot is the area on the bat’s blade, which when hit with the ball, produces the best shot. 

The sweet spot is not a fixed point and can vary depending on the size, shape, and weight of the bat. Different players may like to have the sweet spot at different areas of the bat based on their batting style. 

Look for good reviews

Reviews of the manufacturer and the vendor are important while choosing a good cricket bat for tennis balls. Reviews and feedback from previous customers can provide valuable insights into the product’s performance, durability, and overall quality. If possible, connect with the players who used the bat you are intended to buy and consider their reviews. Always try to purchase your cricketing equipment from a trusted brand such as A3sports

Type of tennis ball used

What kind of tennis ball will you use to play cricket? It is an important consideration while choosing the bat for the game. There are mainly two types of tennis balls available for cricket – regular soft tennis ball and hard tennis ball

For regular tennis ball cricket, you can choose a bat made out of Kashmir wood or even poplar wood. On the other hand, for a harder tennis ball, you should only use bats made out of Kashmir wood. Poplar wood will not last long for hard tennis ball cricket. 


The factors that I mentioned are the basics. If you still need assistance while making your decision, try to consult with an experienced player. Do never haste while making your decision. You may also consult with the sales person or customer service executive of the cricket accessory shop if you still have any confusion. Following all these guidelines, you may have the best tennis ball cricket bat for the next game.

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