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What Are The Different Types Of Bowling In Cricket?

There are different kind of bowlers in cricket. Fast, spin, medium pace and unorthodox are the most common types of bowling in cricket. All of these bowling types are divided into different subcategories. Cricket enthusiasts often become curious about types of bowling. We will discuss about all these in this content.

Fast Bowling

Fast bowling in cricket refers to a style of bowling where the primary objective of the bowler is to deliver the ball at high speeds.

Pace Bowling: This type of bowling is characterized by sheer speed. Fast bowlers generate immense velocity, propelling the cricket ball towards the batsman at intimidating speeds, often exceeding 90 miles per hour. The objective is to intimidate the batsman, force errors, or even dismiss them through sheer pace alone.

Swing Bowling: Swing bowling relies on the aerodynamics of the cricket ball to deviate in the air. By carefully manipulating the seam position and utilizing natural atmospheric conditions, such as wind and humidity, bowlers aim to make the ball move sideways (either away from or towards the batsman). This movement can deceive the batsman and create opportunities for wickets.

Spin Bowling

Spin bowling in cricket refers to a style of bowling where the bowler imparts spin on the ball to make it deviate off its straight path when it bounces on the pitch.

Off-Spin: Off-spinners are bowlers who primarily use their fingers to impart spin on the ball, causing it to turn from the leg side to the off side (for a right-handed batsman). This type of spin is achieved by spinning the ball with fingers in a clockwise direction (for a right-handed bowler), generating drift and bounce, challenging the batsman’s judgment.

Leg-Spin: Leg-spinners, on the other hand, predominantly use their wrists to impart spin on the ball. The ball typically turns from the off side to the leg side (for a right-handed batsman) after pitching. Leg-spinners often employ variations such as the googly (which turns the opposite way) and the top-spinner (which has minimal deviation but bounces more), adding layers of complexity to their bowling arsenal.

Wrist spin: Wrist spin bowling is a type of bowling technique in cricket where the bowler uses their wrist to impart spin on the ball. This type of bowling is generally associated with leg spin and googly deliveries. In wrist spin bowling, the bowler’s wrist plays a crucial role in generating revolutions on the ball, causing it to deviate off its straight path when it bounces on the pitch.

Finger spin: In finger spin bowling, the bowler typically uses their index and middle fingers to grip and spin the ball. Finger spin bowling is generally considered to be more conventional and easier to control compared to wrist spin bowling. It is often employed by teams to provide containment and restrict scoring opportunities, particularly on pitches that offer less assistance to seam bowlers or spinners.

Medium Pace Bowling

Medium pace bowling in cricket refers to a style of bowling where the bowler delivers the ball at a moderate speed, typically slower than fast bowling but faster than spin bowling.

Seam Bowling: Medium pace or seam bowlers rely on the seam of the cricket ball to extract movement off the pitch. By landing the ball on the seam and utilizing the friction between the ball and the surface, these bowlers can generate unpredictable bounce, seam movement, or even reverse swing if conditions permit.

Cutters: Cutters involve the bowler imparting a deliberate cut/spin on the ball using their fingers during the release. This action causes the ball to deviate sharply off the pitch, often surprising the batsman with unexpected movement.

Unorthodox Bowling

Unorthodox bowling in cricket refers to a style of bowling that deviates from conventional or traditional bowling techniques.

Chinaman: This is a rare and unorthodox style of bowling where a left-arm wrist spinner delivers the ball with a wrist action similar to that of a leg-spinner. For a right-handed batsman, the ball spins from off to leg, which can be highly deceptive.

Doosra: Popularized by spinners such as Saqlain Mushtaq and Muttiah Muralitharan, the doosra is a delivery bowled by an off-spinner or an orthodox spinner that spins the opposite way to their stock delivery. It adds a layer of mystery and unpredictability to their bowling repertoire.


Understanding different types of bowls is essential for both bowlers and batsmen. Bowlers need to master various techniques to keep batsmen guessing, while batsmen need to develop strategies to counter the diverse challenges posed by different bowlers. Cricket continues to fascinate fans around the world, showcasing the endless possibilities within this beloved sport. Thus, different types of bowling techniques are beauty of cricket.

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