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A3 Sports Deluxe Bat Mallet

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Tuck, Tuck, Tuck. We all know that sound. The sound of a new cricket bat being knocked-in. Traditionally we might have used a cricket ball in a sock, but now we can use the A3S Deluxe Bat Mallet to knock-in the bat.
The Deluxe Bat Mallet is used as part of the preparation method for knocking-in a bat. The mallet is used to soften the face of a new cricket bat to get it ready to play with in the nets or in the match. Easy to hold and use, the mallet has a comfortable handle and is highly durable.
We recommend using the Deluxe Bat Mallet for a couple of hours when the bat is brand new before using the bat against a cricket ball for the first time. For advice on knocking-in, get in touch with us.
Used for knocking-in new cricket bats
Soften face before use

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