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What does knocking in a Cricket Bat do?

A cricket bat is made of willow wood and is designed to hit a hard, round cricket ball. If you are going to use your bat in a match, you need to knock it in first. This means hitting the bat against something hard, like a concrete wall, to compress the fibers of the wood. In this article, we will learn what knocking on a cricket bat means and why it is important.

Meaning of knocking on a cricket bat

There are a few theories out there. One is that knocking on the cricket bat helps to wake up the wood and bring out its natural oils. This, in turn, helps to make the bat more resistant to moisture and reduces the chance of it cracking.

There is an old saying in cricket that if you knock on your bat, it will bring you luck. Some people believe that the sound of the knocking attracts the attention of the cricket gods and they will bestow their blessing upon the batsman. Others believe that it is a way of showing respect to the cricket bat, which is an essential part of the game. Whatever the reason, knocking on your bat is considered to be good luck.

Why do you knock in a cricket bat?

Break in the bat

When you buy a new Cricket Bat, it is important to break it in properly before using it in a game. This will help ensure that the bat performs optimally. One way to break in a cricket bat is to knock it with a mallet or another bat. This makes the bat more flexible. You should do this for a few minutes on each side of the bat.

Avoid cricketing injuries

Many cricket injuries can be prevented by simply knocking the bat before use. This simple act helps to loosen the bat’s handle, making it less likely to break during play. Knocking the bat enhances its flexibility which helps to absorb the shock of impact when the bat hits the ball, which reduces the risk of injury to the player.

Improve bat performance

It is well known that knocking a cricket bat before use can help improve its performance. Additionally, knocking the bat helps to remove any dirt or debris that may be on the surface of the wood, ensuring that the bat is able to make clean contact with the ball.

Extend the bat’s lifespan

Knocking a cricket bat helps to extend its lifespan by redistributing the oils within the wood and keeping the fibers from drying out and becoming brittle. When knocking the bat, be sure to use a soft cloth or mallet to avoid damaging the wood.

Ensure a smooth and comfortable grip

One way to ensure a smooth grip is to knock the bat before each game or practice.

When you knock the bat, you’re essentially aligning the fibers of the wood so they’re all facing the same direction. This helps create a smoother surface for your hand to grip, which can lead to improved comfort and performance.

To distribute the oil evenly throughout the bat

When you knock a cricket bat, it helps to spread the oil evenly throughout the bat. This is important because it helps to keep the bat in good condition and prevents the wood from drying out.

To stop the bat from cracking

Knocking the bat before each game helps to loosen the wood and release tension. This helps to distribute the oil evenly and also to stop the bat from drying out. Ultimately, it’ll stop the bat from cracking. So next time you’re at the game, be sure to give your bat a good knock.

How to knock in a cricket bat?

Items needed

To knock in a cricket bat, you will need:

  • A bat
  • A mallet
  • A cricket ball
  • A sturdy table or workbench
  • A length of rope or string
  • Lubricant ( suitable for cricket bat)

Oiling the bat

Oiling a cricket bat can help to increase its lifespan. The oil helps to protect the wood from cracking and splitting, and also prevents the bat from drying out. Oiling also makes the bat more resistant to water damage. Apart from these, oiling before knocking the bat will ensure proper knocking and save the bat from accidental damage.

The type of oil that is used to oil a cricket bat is important, as different oils have different properties. For example, some oils will help to waterproof the bat, while others will help to keep the bat’s shape.

Applying oil to a cricket bat is a relatively simple process. First, you will need to clean the bat to remove any dirt or debris. Once the bat is clean, you can then apply a thin layer of oil and keep it overnight to get dry.

Step-by-step knocking process

Here are a few tips on how to knock in a cricket bat:

  • Start by taking a clean, dry cloth and gently rubbing the entire surface of the bat.
  • Once the bat is clean, use a blunt object (such as a hammer) to lightly tap along the edges of the bat.
  • Continue tapping along the entire bat, paying special attention to the sweet spot (the area of the bat that makes contact with the ball). This will help to evenly distribute the impact of the ball across the bat, preventing the bat from cracking.
  • Once you have knocked your bat in, you should then regularly maintain it with a light coating of oil.


Bats are of great importance to all batsmen. You may have noticed certain batsmen carefully inspecting their bats after hitting a poor shot or when a strange sound is made when the ball hits the bat. This article was designed to help players prolong the life of their bats and improve their performance by following some simple maintenance procedures like oiling and knocking-in. I hope it helped a lot for the players who have very little knowledge about knocking.

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