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Tips to Buy Cricket Shoes for Fast Bowlers

If you are a fast bowler who is looking for cricket shoes, here you can look into the top points that will help in your buying ideas.

Selecting the shoes can often be the most difficult choice to make when buying cricket equipment. No doubt, we can easily pick bats and pads because they just have one single purpose. However, it is extremely hard to pick up the shoes. Several times, cricket players discover him finishing off bowling when he started batting, and the shoes that were appropriate for one are not so appropriate for the other. No matter, whether you are a batsman or even a bowler, it is primarily important to select the right cricket shoes.

Here, you should look into the main criteria for a player to think about when choosing the right pair of cricket shoes:

Level for Comfort

When it comes to Buy Cricket Shoes for Fast Bowlers, the first thing no doubt must be the level of comfort. The choice is significant in all cricket equipment, and the shoes must feel magnificent when it’s on and give you support at the ankle and the bottom of the feet. Avoid the common error of choosing look before ease! You should make sure to try the pair on at the store. Even do a couple of short dashes on the rug there in the shop. One must be capable to find some thought of how well the shoe is going to carry out for you over a longer period.

Choose Spiked shoes

Spiked shoes are quite supportive for playing on soft ground, as they dig into the ground and stay you from slipping. If you’re a fast bowler, buy shoes with spikes that cover only the shoe. Meanwhile, if you mostly bat, select shoes with spikes just ahead of the front and just a regular grip in the back for more easy movement.


One more choice is pimples. If you will be playing mainly on the hard ground setup, you wish to have pimpled shoes. It will give you the ability to move fast with a greater level of mobility. They don’t work finely on the soft ground though, so spikes are improved for that. If you have to negotiate, some shoes are manufactured with pimples and spikes on the soles.

The above-mentioned three factors are essential, but the prime focus should be on the level of comfort when considering cricket shoes. If they aren’t easy, then they won’t help you at all! No issue, about how bad they look, you should select a comfortable shoe over a stylish shoe, although if you hunt long enough, you can surely discover one that gives both.

The selection of the spikes and pimples varies on the sort of surface you think you’ll be playing on the majority of the time. If it doesn’t issue, then it’s a good thought to purchase the spiked shoes, as you can put on them in all kinds of conditions.

You should try on cricket shoes before buying them, although if you’re shopping online for good deals, you possibly can’t do that, so reading the consumer reviews and checking the return policy before making the payment.

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