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How to hit big sixes in cricket?

Cricket is a sport that has been enjoyed for centuries and is loved for its blend of skill, strategy and athleticism. Being able to hit a powerful and effective six is an important aspect of the game and can be the difference between a mediocre score and a match-winning performance. However, it takes practice, technique and focus to become a successful hitter of sixes in cricket. In this blog post, we will outline some key tips and tricks that will help you hit big sixes in cricket like a professional.

Firstly, we will discuss the importance of a proper stance and grip, as well as the necessity of a strong and balanced base. Then we will dive into the art of timing and shot selection in hitting sixes, along with the right body posture and follow-through. We will also touch on some common mistakes made by players when trying to hit sixes and how to avoid them.


Hitting big sixes in cricket

Identify the right ball to hit

When it comes to hitting big sixes in cricket, identifying the right ball to hit is crucial. This requires a keen sense of observation and an understanding of the bowler’s strategies. A batsman should always assess the field placement and the bowler’s style of delivery, including their pace, spin, and length. It’s also essential to consider the condition of the pitch, as certain pitches may suit particular shots better than others. 

A batsman must remain patient and wait for the right opportunity to present itself, rather than attempting to hit every ball for six. By analyzing the situation carefully and choosing the right ball to hit, a batsman can increase their chances of hitting big sixes in cricket.

Position your feet to gain maximum power

One of the key factors to hitting big sixes in cricket is positioning your feet correctly. Proper foot positioning can lead to maximum power generation, which can have a significant impact on the distance and height of your shot. 

Your back foot should be stepped behind and at a slight angle to the crease. By positioning your feet in this manner, you allow your body to rotate in a natural manner, generating more power as you swing through the ball. This technique not only increases your chances of hitting a big six, but also reduces the risk of mistiming the ball or losing your balance.

Utilize strong wrists and arms

When it comes to hitting big sixes in cricket, it’s important to utilize strong wrists and arms during the shot. A powerful follow-through on the ball requires good wrist action and strength in your arms, as this generates a significant amount of force and momentum to carry the ball over the boundary line. 

To improve your wrist strength and gain better control, consider incorporating exercises that focus on forearm and hand muscles, such as wrist curls or squeezing a stress ball. Additionally, practicing proper batting technique, such as maintaining a solid base and proper grip, can also help increase wrist and arm strength and improve overall performance on the field. Remember, consistency and dedication to proper training techniques are key to hitting big sixes in cricket.

Use the bat’s sweet spot for maximum power

When it comes to hitting big sixes in cricket, it’s essential to understand how to use the bat’s sweet spot for maximum power. This technique will ensure that the ball travels a long way and clears the boundary with ease. 

Additionally, it’s important to practice this skill regularly to develop the muscle memory needed to execute it consistently. By mastering the use of the sweet spot, you’ll be in a better position to hit big sixes and improve your overall performance as a batsman.

Follow through with arms and body for maximum lift

If you want to hit big sixes in cricket, it’s important to follow through with your arms and body for maximum lift. The follow-through is a crucial component of a successful shot, as it adds power and generates speed to the ball. 

To execute a proper follow-through, maintain your balance and weight transfer throughout the shot, and finish with a high lift of your arms and a full rotation of your body. This will ensure that the ball is launched high into the sky, giving you the maximum chance of scoring big runs. Remember, practice makes perfect. Therefore, be sure to spend time honing your technique in order to master this important aspect of hitting big sixes in cricket.


What is power hitting in cricket?

Power hitting in cricket is a technique used by batsmen to score runs quickly and efficiently. It involves hitting the ball with immense strength and precision, often aiming for boundaries or clearing the field. The objective of power hitting is to score as many runs as possible in a short amount of time, especially during limited-overs matches where the run rate is crucial.

Do I need any specific training for hitting big sixes?

If you want to hit big sixes in cricket, it’s important to have a good understanding of the technique of the game. While natural talent and hand-eye coordination play a role, honing your skills through specific training can improve your chances of hitting those big shots. Some of the key areas to focus on include proper footwork, bat speed, and timing.

What is the importance of hitting sixes in cricket?

Hitting sixes add valuable runs to the scoreboard and help the batting team to reach their target or set a challenging total for the opposing team. Secondly, it puts pressure on the bowlers and the fielding team as they have to constantly adapt their strategies to prevent more sixes from being hit. 

Thirdly, hitting sixes can demoralize the opposing team and give the batting team a psychological advantage. It can also boost the morale of the batting team and create a sense of momentum, which can be crucial in the outcome of the game. 

Who hit the most number of sixes in international cricket?

The player who currently holds this prestigious record is none other than Chris Gayle from the West Indies. As of August 2021, Gayle has hit a whopping 553 sixes in international cricket, which is more than any other player in history. He is known for his explosive batting style and has hit sixes in all formats of the game – Test, One Day International, and Twenty20. 


Hitting big sixes in cricket requires practice, technique, and confidence. With the right approach and mindset, anyone can improve their batting skills and become a successful big-hitter in cricket. With dedication and consistency, hitting big sixes can become a natural part of your game, and you can dominate the cricket pitch like the greats of the sport.

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