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How To Choose the Best Cricket Batting Pads?

Batting pads are worn by a batter to hit the ball, as the name implies. Additionally, known as batting leg guards. They differ according to size, construction material, and other factors.

Are you trying to find new cricket pads but unsure how to choose the best price cricket batting pads? Are you a newbie looking for the best accessories to complete your cricket gear? This article provides tips for you to choose the best cricket batting pads for you.

Plan a budget.

There is no getting around the fact that cricket equipment may be rather expensive. Therefore, it’s essential to set your budget in advance and keep to it. You won’t wind up overpaying thanks to it.

It is important to note that cricket pads are readily available on the market in different price ranges. Additionally, less costly batting gloves will provide you with the same level of safety as more costly gloves. The latter offers a few more features, though. The premium pads are constructed from top-notch components. These kinds of cushions include various paddings and soft foam.

Pick a brand.

The following step is choosing a brand. When it comes to cricket pads, there are numerous different brands to choose from. The finest pads are available from every reputable brand. There are enough alternatives in each price range to make you confused. Therefore, it is preferable to select a company you like and look at the possibilities within your price range.

Select the proper size.

Finding the appropriate size is crucial because there are many different sizes available for cricket pads. If the pads are very tiny, they will make it difficult for you to run. On the other side, you won’t be capable of moving around easily if they are excessively large.

You should absolutely try on a fresh set of pads before purchasing them. This way you can determine whether or not they fit properly. If this is not the case, you must try different sizes.

You must estimate the space between your ankle and knee if you want to purchase pads online. You may pick a new pair of shoes online depending on that reading. If you currently possess a pair, you will already be aware of your size and may choose new shoes appropriately..

Material Of Batting Pads

Another element to take into account when purchasing leg guards is the materials because it affects their longevity. At first, we had leather pads, but they weren’t very sturdy, and were also quite expensive.

The most popular substitutes for leather pads in use today are polyurethane (PU) and PVC. These materials provide for lightweight, strong cricket pads that provide excellent defence against leather balls. Furthermore, they are simple to maintain. The pads often contain a lot of foam cushioning as well. This creates an additional protective layer while still providing adequate comfort.

Choosing the appropriate set of pads for you might be difficult. It is because they are one of the most crucial pieces of protective equipment in cricket. You are prone to become confused and overpay if there are too many alternatives accessible on the market. As a result, making some decisions in advance, such as the budget, becomes vital. It’s much simpler if you choose a brand in advance. Additionally, if you adhere to the tips above, picking a set of cricket pads will be simple.

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