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How To Stay Safe While Playing Cricket?

Cricket is a popular sport almost all around the world. Although the game offers excitement, it is associated with a risk of hazardous injuries. Injuries are common, ranging from minor bruises to serious fractures. Understanding these risks and taking proactive measures to stay safe can help you enjoy the game without compromising your health. In […]

How To Improve The Mental Toughness In Cricket?

Cricket is called the gentleman’s game. This sport is not just a physical game. It needs exceptional mental strength apart from physical toughness. A player needs to face fast bowlers, withstand pressure situations in the match and withstand different types of mental pressure inside and outside of the game. That’s the reason why cricketers need […]

Leather Vs Tennis Ball Cricket Bat – What’s The Difference?

Although leather balls are used in all formats of professional cricket, tennis balls are more popular for recreational and junior cricket. The equipment used in these two scenarios is not the same. A cricket bat for leather ball cricket has differences compared with a bat used in tennis ball cricket. In this blog, we’ll explore […]

Who are the top Cricket Bat Manufacturers in the world?

Buy Cricket Bats Malaysia

Bat is a mandatory equipment for cricket. Whether you’re playing tape ball or leather ball cricket, you need a reliable bat for hitting runs. The quality of a cricket bat depends on many factors such as the type of wood used to manufacture the bat, the craftsmanship of the manufacturer, and so on. Although there […]

Kashmir Willow Vs English Willow – Which Cricket Bat Is Better?

Kashmir willow and English willow are two different materials that are widely used in cricket bat manufacturing around the world. Both of these cricket bats have their differentiating features and advantages. Understanding the features of each type of willow will help the cricketers choose the right cricket bat for their game. Each type of bat […]

What Are The Different Types Of Bowling In Cricket?

There are different kind of bowlers in cricket. Fast, spin, medium pace and unorthodox are the most common types of bowling in cricket. All of these bowling types are divided into different subcategories. Cricket enthusiasts often become curious about types of bowling. We will discuss about all these in this content. Fast Bowling Fast bowling […]