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5 Players Who Hit The Most Sixes in Cricket History

Cricket is a game of joy and excitement. One of the most exciting parts of this game is boundaries and over boundaries. A six is the most powerful scoring in cricket that is scored when the ball is hit over the boundary. It requires a great deal of skill and power to hit a six. It is a sign of strength and dominance when a batsman hit sixes.

In this blog post, I’ll be taking a look at five players who have hit the most number of sixes in international cricket history. Each of these players has made a significant contribution to the game of cricket. Therefore, their sixes have left a lasting legacy. From veterans to modern pros, these players have displayed remarkable skills and power when hitting the sixes. We’ll see the records of individual players on each format of the game and compare each other. Let’s find the records.

Players who hit the most sixes in international cricket





CH Gayle




RG Sharma




Shahid Afridi




BB McCullum




MJ Guptill




CH Gayle

Chris Gayle holds the record for the most sixes hit in international cricket across all formats, with 553 sixes in 483 matches. This includes 98 sixes hit in Test matches, 331 in ODIs and 124 in T20 internationals. His impressive strike rate of 138 in T20I matches has made him one of the most sought-after players in the sport. His reputation as a long-ball hitter has earned him the title of ‘Universe Boss’ and made him a key member of several cricket teams across the globe. With a record of strong hitting that looks to remain solid for years to come, he continues to amaze spectators with his outstanding power.

RG Sharma

Rohit Sharma is one of the most remarkable players in international cricket so far, particularly in the limited-overs formats. To date, he has scored a total of 502 maximums across all formats, including 64 in Tests, 256 in ODIs, and 182 in T20 Internationals, thus placing him second in the rankings of most sixes hit in international cricket.

His impressive strike rate of 139 in T20 International matches is a testament to his remarkable batting capabilities, making him an indispensable asset to any team he represents. During the 2019 World Cup, he achieved a feat that had never been accomplished before as he scored five centuries, further demonstrating his impressive power-hitting capabilities. With his continued success, Sharma is sure to remain a key figure in international cricket for years to come.

Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi is one of the most prolific hitters of sixes in international cricket, across all formats. Out of his 524 total matches, he has managed to hit an impressive 476 sixes, with 52 sixes in Test matches, 351 in One Day Internationals (ODIs) and 73 in T20 Internationals. His strike rate of 150 in T20Is is outstanding and makes him one of the most dangerous players in the format. His ability to hit the ball out of the park consistently has earned him a place in cricketing history, with fans all around the world remembering the excitement and thrill of watching him play.

BB McCullum

BB McCullum’s international cricket career has been remarkable, especially considering all formats of the game. Out of his 474 total matches, he has managed to hit an impressive 398 sixes, with 107 being scored in tests, 200 in ODIs, and 91 in T20 internationals. His striking rate in T20I is even more remarkable, boasting a 136 strike rate; a testament to his ability as a batsman. This has put him in fourth place overall for the most number of sixes scored in international cricket. McCullum is a true legend of the game and his feats will surely be remembered for years to come.

MJ Guptill

MJ Guptill has secured his standing in international cricket as an elite hitter of the ball. His outstanding record of 383 sixes across all formats has earned him fifth place in the rankings of hitters with the highest number of sixes in international cricket. Guptill has played 367 matches in total, out of which he has struck 23 sixes in Test matches, 187 in ODIs and 173 in T20 internationals. His impressive T20I strike rate of 135 has earned him the reputation of being a formidable T20 batsman. Guptill’s technique and power have been praised by many experts, and it is no surprise that he has achieved such an impressive feat.


The players who hit the most sixes in cricket history have shown their mastery in all levels of cricket. All these players won the heart of the fan and got remarkable admiration for their performance. They are inspirational figures for future talents who love the game. Their carers have been filled with milestones and records which made cricket more exciting to watch.

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